09 - 11 July, 2018 | The Hurlingham Club, London, United Kingdom

Conference Day 2

8:30 am - 9:00 am Registration & Networking

9:00 am - 9:10 am Welcoming Remarks

9:10 am - 9:40 am Drive a mature automation programme to deliver major FTE savings

Debjani Roy, Global Head of Technology Robotics & Artificial Intelligence – TTS,Citi
  • How to meet the C-suite ambition of a reduced cost base and FTE savings
  • Manage and redefine your strategy for bot operations, bot interaction and bot security
  • Introduce AI and robotics to your external clients
  • Put metrics around how to manage a half human, half bot workforce

Debjani Roy

Global Head of Technology Robotics & Artificial Intelligence – TTS

  • Execute a global strategy for the development of RPA and AI technologies
  • Driving a top down strategy for the execution of intelligent automation
  • The importance of a centre of excellence and internal collaboration
  • Combine unstructured data and analytics capabilities to positively enhance your processes

Gorkem Koseoglu

Head of RPA & AI
ING Group


Dalith Steiger



Pardeep Bassi

Head of Data Science


Julian Cork

Chief Operating Officer


Scott Abrahams

Senior Vice President, Business Development


Nadia Abouayoub

Committee Member, Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence

Group 2


10:50 am - 12:15 pm Optimise the relationship between Operations and IT to maximise your results
Tatiana Vell, Head of Robotic Automation CoE,Swiss Re

Tatiana Vell

Head of Robotic Automation CoE
Swiss Re


10:50 am - 12:15 pm The impact of culture on AI
James Lawther, Head of Insight and Improvement,RSA
  • Create an environment where people can try new things
  • Identify the problems and be prepare to address them
  • Use data analytics to make decisions

James Lawther

Head of Insight and Improvement


10:50 am - 12:15 pm Create a transparent governance structure
Peyman Dabiri, RPA Lead,Handelsbanken
  • Establish a clear agenda before your automate
  • Negotiate the balance between IT and the Business in your governance model

Peyman Dabiri

RPA Lead


10:50 am - 12:15 pm Drive positive change throughout RPA or AI implementation
Ashima Kanwar, Global Reengineering Lead,American Express

Ashima Kanwar

Global Reengineering Lead
American Express


10:50 am - 12:15 pm Creating an eco-system to deliver intelligent automation
  • Where to start the journey in creating a functioning eco-system
  • The areas to focus on to ensure an efficient eco-system
  • The real value of implementing an eco-system

Sponsored by: Swiss Post Solutions (SPS)


10:50 am - 12:15 pm OCR, ICR, API, NLP and unstructured data
  • What are the best tools and technologies to make sense of unstructured data
  • Turn unstructured data into value business insight


10:50 am - 12:15 pm How RPA can give you greater regulatory compliance
  • Use RPA to aggregate data and enhance the efficiency of regulatory reporting
  • Overcome risk assessment and root-cause analysis processes with RPA


10:50 am - 12:15 pm Design bots to improve risk management
  • How RPA is a benefit to due diligence and risk reporting
  • The benefits for risk management of RPAs ability to integrate with a variety of systems


10:50 am - 12:15 pm Blockchain as the perfect accompaniment for RPA
  • Why or why aren’t you looking at Blockchain alongside RPA
  • How Blockchain and RPA can be combined for rapid business growth


10:50 am - 12:15 pm Chat bots as a tool for improving customer service and quality
  • Use chat bots to understand your customers and offer them personalised products
  • How chat bots can detect customer complaints before they come in

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm Networking Lunch

Mature RPA

1:15 pm - 1:50 pm What you need to do to move from RPA to cognitive automation
Emma Jenkins, Change Architect, Digital PEX,UBS
  • Use cognitive automation at the front end to support the lack of structured data in RPA
  • How cognitive automation can reduce time and create opportunities for the business
  • Use cognitive automation at the end of RPA to decide what to do and how to solve problems

Emma Jenkins

Change Architect, Digital PEX

Mature RPA

1:50 pm - 2:25 pm RPA & AI: You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?
Thierry Derungs, Chief Digital Officer,BNP Paribas SA Gaelle Berrier, Programme Manager, RPA,BNP Paribas
  • Where and how to start
  • How innovation and agility are key to succeed
  • Are RPA and AI THE cure for everything and how to manage expectations
  • RPA and AI in practice at BNP Paribas Wealth Management

Thierry Derungs

Chief Digital Officer
BNP Paribas SA


Gaelle Berrier

Programme Manager, RPA
BNP Paribas

Mature RPA

2:25 pm - 3:00 pm Scaling up RPA by embedding robotics into enterprise operations
Aiste Navaitiene, Director, Business Process Management,Western Union Processing Lithuania
  • Develop your operating model for a scalable RPA programme
  • The must haves for a centre of excellence
  • How to build inhouse capabilities
  • Lessons learnt from RPA implementation

Aiste Navaitiene

Director, Business Process Management
Western Union Processing Lithuania

  • If RPA is not feasible or affordable in all legacy systems, then execute within BPM
  • The importance of involving IT on RPA journeys
  • Use your Centre of Excellence to help deliver operations and automation technologies as one

Susanne Skaarup

Head of Robotic Centre of Excellence
Danske Bank


Anders Emil Balk-Moller

Senio Project Manager, Robotics Centre of Excellence
Danske Bank


1:15 pm - 1:50 pm How a robust governance model has harnessed RPA maturity and growth
Kevin Mowles, Head of Business Solutions,Leeds Building Society
  • Provide process transparency with IT and your infrastructure
  • Track and log issues with your processes
  • How a dedicated governance support group can contribute to your efficiency
  • Use RPA at the front end in between major transformation projects
  • Use your bots as an interface between systems as you scale

Kevin Mowles

Head of Business Solutions
Leeds Building Society


1:50 pm - 2:25 pm Don’t do robotics, if you do not know where the benefits are: Why clear Governance is a critical success factor for RPA
Dr. Udo Milkau, Chief Digital Officer,DZ Bank

Dr. Udo Milkau

Chief Digital Officer
DZ Bank


2:25 pm - 3:00 pm Risk: Everyone is talking about it, but is anyone doing it right?
Javier Rodriguez Zaurin, Head of Data Science & Products,Simply Business
  • Use NLP to build better customer profiles
  • Probabilistic Models (and Deep Learning) for attribution models in marketing

Javier Rodriguez Zaurin

Head of Data Science & Products
Simply Business


3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Use standards to prevent issues and increase efficiency
  • Be aware of the dangers, identify them and employ the best possible practice and management
  • Create automation solutions using clear standards to increase efficiency and profitable processes
  • How standards can prevent dangers (missing rules, process mapping mistakes, systemic errors, security, etc.)

Cognitive Automation & AI

1:15 pm - 1:50 pm What you can do for Artificial intelligence
Christophe Castan, Head of Artificial Intelligence,AXA
  • Ask not what AI can do for you, ask what you can do for AI
  • How to empower your people through AI: Switch mindsets to “AI is good and will augment me as an employee and a person”
  • From process-driven to data-driven to AI-driven: Redefine the roadmap of your business processes and data flows
  • (Case Study) NLP for Entreprise Communication Management: Expected Reaction Management powered by AI

Christophe Castan

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Automation & AI

1:50 pm - 2:25 pm Master robotics to make the step towards cognitive automation and machine learning
Leonardo Roman, Director, Intelligent Automation,Prudential Assurance
  • How transparent governance and a collaborative centre of excellence can create opportunities for growth
  • Design the business model and create the case for RPA implementation and industrialisation
  • Use robotics to help you manage unstructured data
  • Simplify the complexity of processes for intelligent automation

Leonardo Roman

Director, Intelligent Automation
Prudential Assurance

Cognitive Automation & AI

2:25 pm - 3:00 pm Converge data, AI and RPA to deliver a major Digital Transformation at PwC
Peter Sergio Larsen, Director & Head of AI, Data Science & Data Engineering,PwC
  • Consolidate your data
  • Investigate the data before applying it to your AI model
  • Embed data into your AI model to reduce work and risk
  • Automate on top of your AI model to make decisions on humans behalf

Peter Sergio Larsen

Director & Head of AI, Data Science & Data Engineering

Cognitive Automation & AI

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Understand what can deliver the highest value through data and artificial intelligence
Matteo Carbone, Founder & Director,Connected Insurance Company
  • The use of data and AI to instruct better choices and greater effectiveness of processes for your organisation
  • How to effectively use your data across the value chain: The insurance IoT opportunity
  • Create customised use cases based on your individual strategy and characteristics

Matteo Carbone

Founder & Director
Connected Insurance Company

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Networking Break

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm The Big Debate: Should Intelligent Automation sit with Operations or IT?

Brian Wates, Head of Operational Architecture,Fidelity Gilbert Hannouche, Head of Process Improvement Solutions,Credit Agricole CIB
  • Where do RPA and cognitive capabilities fit and who should take ownership?
  • Building a governance framework
  • Understanding disruptive technologies and their business potential

Brian Wates

Head of Operational Architecture


Gilbert Hannouche

Head of Process Improvement Solutions
Credit Agricole CIB

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm RPA and Machine Learning as the ultimate tools for delivering higher quality products

Sebastian Antony, Head of Process Optimisation,Barclaycard
  • Identify the use of RPA alongside your traditional process efficiency techniques
  • Move away from traditional customer service models and towards predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Profile customers and incorporate the data into your processes
  • Behavioural indicators to match customers, which leads to better outcomes for all

Sebastian Antony

Head of Process Optimisation

5:00 pm - 5:10 pm Closing Remarks