Shifting From RPA to Cognitive

Shifting From RPA to Cognitive

RPA is a cornerstone of the automation market, providing automation to simple, repeatable processes. But what’s the next step for a company looking to get ahead of the game?

“In the shift from RPA to cognitive we need to ask ourselves if it is first necessary; whether it is possible; and finally, what the smartest way to go about it might be.”

In this exclusive whitepaper hear from experts about how you can transform your RPA bots to be fully integrated with cognitive technologies, in order to be truly future-proof. Read of to discover:

  • 4 implementation strategies detailing how to move simple RPA processes into the cognitive age.
  • Why RPA will still be relevant in a cognitive world and how AI does not make RPA defunct.
  • Why cognitive technologies is the next great step in automation and how to figure out if you’re ready for it

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